• Matt Black – Piano Man
  • Matt Black – Piano Man
  • Matt Black – Piano Man
  • Matt Black – Piano Man

Matt Black’s stage persona changes
To suit the situation!

The Comedy Act:
Matt’s comedy nights always have the audience roaring with laughter and he certainly knows how to play the audience just as well as he play
s the piano.
Ideally suited to corporate dinners, pubs, cabarets, and stage work


And then there’s….

The Cocktail Player:
A rather more refined Matt, which fits perfectly in a restaurant, wine bar or wedding environment . Where Matt can amaze your guests with his large repertoire of musical ballads from classical or jazz to modern day.


In the 20 years, and more, that Matt Black has been earning a living in the entertainment world, he has consistently altered his stage persona to meet the requirements of his audience, be they guests at a society wedding, delegates at a business conference or corporate dinner, or bikers attending a rally.


That is why he has been able to perform for Royalty, celebrity, and just about everybody and his Aunty.

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Some of the organisations Matt Black has entertained :-
Vodaphone, Rover Cars, Eli Lilly, Vauxhall, Nissan, The Mars Group, British Telecom, Sony, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Mothercare, Disney, Donside, Unisys,
(plus many, many more)

Some of the stars Matt Black has appeared with :-
Richard Digance, Tom O’Connor, Boy George, Barry Upton, Brian Conolley, Gerrard Kenny, Dave Lee, The Supremes, Bjorn Again, The Bootleg Beatles, Bernie Clifton, Mud,
(again … too many to put them all here)

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